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Crick Housing Situation

PostPosted: Thu Nov 19, 2015 2:59 am
by vicobi
First of all, to those who don't know, I have 4 accounts and 3 kinships (in addition to the account that's in HoM) that will be moving to Crick. Because of this I sent the leader of Disciples of Roh to scout for a neighborhood. The pickings were very slim. Currently I have 2 kin houses and 5 deluxe houses (including Wulf's) in a single neighborhood. The Disciples kin is now eligible for a kin house and my cooks are going to have their own kinship because they need lots of storage space.

Here's my assessment of the current available housing on crick:

There was 1 Elven neighborhood with 3 kin houses, several with 2, but I didn't notice one with more than 2 Deluxe houses.

The Shire didn't have any neighborhood with more than 1 deluxe house, only a couple with 2 kin houses.

The Dwarven homesteads had a couple with 3 kin houses but I don't recall seeing one with more than 3 deluxe houses.

Bree was the only homestead where I could find 3 kin houses and 4 deluxe houses in the same neighborhood - that was the best i could do. I don't expect that to last long.

They know how many houses are in use on the closing servers so they should know what they need to satisfy the transfers and if Crick is any indication - I heard it was the lowest pop of the five remaining servers - it looks very grim for transfers to the other servers. Not quite sure how long I should wait to buy housing in the hopes they'll open more neighborhoods.

All in all the people seemed pretty nice. There was a little grumbling about the lag in world chat when i was on, though no one blamed it on the merger (which was nice). In that respect they seemed to be more understanding than I've heard about from the other servers. This is a very good sign.

Re: Crick Housing Situation

PostPosted: Thu Nov 19, 2015 6:22 pm
by Rimoborn
I found this on the LOTRO Wiki:

Each server starts with a small number of neighborhoods. When all the houses in one neighborhood are sold, a new instance is generated and more houses become available for purchase. While this process is expansive, it is not indefinite. As a result, some servers, such as the highly populous Brandywine, have had issues with shortages of certain housing types.

Maybe more neighborhoods will open up once more houses are sold

Re: Crick Housing Situation

PostPosted: Thu Nov 19, 2015 6:55 pm
by vicobi
one thing i did notice was the overabundance of regular houses. I wouldn't mind taking a smaller house with fewer hooks if I could get as much chest space as I have in a deluxe house.

Even in my current neighborhood, only three of the regular houses have been occupied, the rest have remained vacant nearly the whole time i've been there.

One of the suggestions I made was to have the neighborhood sizes based on total hooks (because they seem to think this is the most important part of the problem with enlarging neighborhoods). Four kin houses per neighborhood is fine, but keep the rest of the lots available for whatever size / number of hooks the purchaser likes. Once all those hooks are assigned, no more lots will be available for sale.

to me this would be preferable to seeing mostly for sale signs and vacant houses, while all of the neighborhood kin and deluxe houses are occupied.

but what do i know... i'm a freak with three (soon to be four) kinships and five accounts. :D

Re: Crick Housing Situation

PostPosted: Fri Nov 20, 2015 12:26 pm
by Roundbarrel
Thanks for the RECON mission! I'll still act surprise when I start shopping.

Re: Crick Housing Situation

PostPosted: Wed Nov 25, 2015 10:13 am
by vicobi
Housing changed a bit between the time I originally posted and last night when I finally got all of our toons (except Sunstone, she's waiting to say the final goodbye to Imlad) into crick and started working on housing. Housing was still lacking in The Shire (it was poorest of all) and the Elven homesteads (only slightly better than The Shire). It was better in the Dwarven homesteads and was completely different in Bree.

In Bree I was able to get three kin houses and 5 deluxe houses in one neighborhood. Also, there was a choice of five neighborhoods that met this need. My very first house was in a Bree neighborhood. Did they make them smaller? They seemed MUCH smaller than I remember. Once they are full of furniture, navigating through the house could get complicated.

The one thing I still noticed was how few regular houses are being occupied. If they change maybe 8 of the regular houses to 4 deluxe houses, I can see this being a huge benefit overall.

There were some anomalies that I hope are cleared up today. Because I've had issues in the past with permissions being messed up (WULF!!!) and had my house ransacked, I do not use blanket permissions except for 'visit'. Each toon with access to the house / chests / permissions is separate (No Permissions In My Houses For You, Wulf!). Yea, I know there are only 50 available slots for this but I've never run out of space for custom permissions. The problem was the permissions not staying. I don't mean just one or two toons missing from a list, I mean the whole freaking list I just put in and set permissions on would be gone the next time I checked and relogging the toon didn't help. I had to redo two houses several times. On top of that, I was getting a "you cannot add that player" friend's list error on toons. It seemed like I could only add toons from one of my other accounts if they were logged on at that moment.

Anyway, please know you're all invited to Bree's Islin neighborhood where Vi, Wulf, Cessee, Teasel, and Bradamante have houses and Knights of the Silver Dragon, Tighfield's Finest and Disciples of Roh have kin houses. We're still decorating, but work progresses.

Re: Crick Housing Situation

PostPosted: Wed Nov 25, 2015 4:35 pm
by beohippuswulf
I bought a deluxe house in hoefold 'hood in Bree housine area. I can sell and relocate to any area the kin decides to settle in when the time comes. This hood was essentially empty (3 kin houses and 7 or 8 deluxe available).

I checked elvish area, ugh. Maybe 1 in 10 'hoods had any deluxe houses available at all and none with multiple deluxe. Seemed like all have double digit numbers of small houses available. I agree with your assessment that Turbine should simply convert 2-for-1 the small houses for deluxe in all the hoods. They could even move all of the 'extra' small houses to a new high-density, low rent district in Angmar :D ... maybe for creeps only