Forum Rules (Please Read)

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Forum Rules (Please Read)

Postby Calillas » Mon Apr 09, 2012 11:51 am

Hello everyone, just a few quick rules for the forum that I'm sure shouldn't even effect most of you, but I want them posted in case a problem ever does arise.
  1. No profanity is to be used on the boards. I'd like to keep this a clean and comforting place to talk.

  2. While constructive criticism is fine, no flaming or blatant attacks upon an individual, whether it be for an opinion, idea, or whatever.

  3. Please keep topics to those of the kinship, lord of the rings online, or the lore of Middle Earth, basically things that affect the game we're all apart of. If it becomes necessary to create an off topic board, we will consider it.

  4. No posting of dirty or inappropriate pictures, videos, or links. Such things would include nude pictures or pornography, particularly heinous imagery such as graphic mutilation or other similar things. If there is a question about whether something is appropriate ask an officer or myself.

  5. Breaking of these rules can result in disciplinary action including deletion of post, of topic, suspension or banning from the forum, demotion in kinship rank, or even expulsion from the kinship entirely.

Thank you and I hope to enjoy our time here.

Calillas Moonshadow
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