Please forgive me

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Please forgive me

Postby vicobi » Sun Oct 29, 2017 6:27 pm

Lately things have been very chaotic at home and I've been a bit scattered. Unfortunately I haven't logged into LOTRO much lately, like not in the last two or so weeks.

Part one was an Irma foster kitten, Luke, who went back to his home today. Very sad for us but we hold onto knowing the time and care i was able to give him pulled him through and he is healthy, happy and a total terror (okay, gotta get even somehow LOL).

Part two is a project I became involved with called The Flying Mosque ( being constructed by Choi +Shine ( It's a crocheting project that wasn't well defined to me when I signed on and ended up being WAY more involved than anticipated. If you look at the flying mosque diagrams, I'm working on a quarter of the top half of a minaret, my piece is 6' 3" wide by 15" 8" tall - this will be a massive construction. It's being done in nylon cord (think sailboat rigging) and its tension is so tight it's almost firm enough to be suitable armor. While I'm supposed to have it in the mail by Tuesday, I probably won't be done until thursday, depending on how my hands hold up.

Part three is Wulfrey. I can't even begin to explain all of that. It's been a bit of a mess.

With two of these coming off my plate and the third hopefully settled soon I'm hoping to be able to get back in game soon. I should have said something sooner but errant optimism had me thinking I could handle it all. Guess I'm not as good a multi tasker or juggler as I thought.

Miss all y'all! **hugs**
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