Creating a Raid Planner Event

Written by Talitha. Posted in Raid Planner

In order to create a new Raid Planner event in the schedule:

  1. Click on Raid Calendar in the top menu.
  2. Click on the New Event button
  3. Choose an existing template from the template drop-down for your event, if one exists.
  4. If no template exists for your planned event, type in the name of your event. This should match the name of the instance/raid/skirm/etc, or state the purpose of your event.
  5. Enter a description of your event, if desired.
  6. Choose a start time and date.
  7. Enter the expected duration, if any. This field is not required, and can be left at 0 if the expected duration is unknown.
  8. Choose an invite time and date.
  9. Enter a level range if any specific levels are needed for your event. This is not required for assistance with deeds, for example, but is recommended for any quests, instances, etc.
  10. Required rank can be left blank.
  11. Set the Guild setting to be Hunters of Moonshadow. No other guilds are configured.
  12. It is recommended to set the Invited Group setting at Kin Member. This allows all kin members to join.
  13. Once the event is created, you will need to confirm any attendees who wish to join. See Confirming Event Attendees for more information.