Confirming Event Attendees

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Only the creator of an event can confirm attendees.

Confirming event attendees is not absolutely required by the Raid Planner. However it is VERY useful for a few reasons:

  • It allows the attendees to see that they are definitely needed, and should be online and available when the event starts.
  • It allows the event owner to see how many people have signed up and been confirmed, so it's easy to determine if more are needed.
  • It allows everyone who has NOT signed up to see whether your event is full, or if more people may need to join.
  • The software automatically creates a cut/paste macro to invite everyone confirmed, so it is easier to be sure everyone that should be involved actually receives an online fellowship invite.
    • According to the LOTRO Wiki, the command /raid invite is an alias for the command /invite. So whether you have a small fellowship, or a large Raid planned, the same macro should work for your needs. See Monster_Play_Raid_Leader_(Creep) for more information. Yes it does refer to Monster play, but the command syntax applies anyway.

 To confirm attendees for your event:

  1. In the Raids Today list, Future Raids list, or the Raid Calendar, click on the name of your event.  A box with more information will open.
  2. The default tab selected is the Attendants tab. Asi the event creator, most of the fields shown in the Attendants list are editable. Choose the desired options:
    • Character Name (Event creator can not edit this field)
    • Status (Event creator can edit this field, but it is recommended that the toon owner do so instead)
      • Attending
        • The player is planning to be online and available for this event.
      • Not Attending
        • The player is unable to attend. Use this in the case of someone signing up, but then finding out that they can not be online, can not be available during the event, etc.
      • Late
        • The player can be online and available after the event starts, and can join while it is already in progress. 
    • Role (Event creator can edit this field, but it is recommended that the toon owner do so instead)
      • The role that this toon will play in the fellowship or raid. If you change this as the event planner, be suire that the toon player is aware that a different role needs to be filled, so they can re-trait accordingly as needed.
    • Confirmation (Only the event creator can edit this field)
      • Approved
        • This toon has been approved to join the event
      • Wait List
        • The event is full, but this toon is on a waiting list, in case someone else can not or does not make it.
      • Sitting
        • This can be thought of as sitting "on the bench". This is a toon that can be called on if those from the approved or waiting list can not or do not make it, but otherwise likely will not be needed.
  3. Click Save
  4. Close the box by clicking the X in the upper corner when finished.

Joining a Scheduled Event

Written by Talitha. Posted in Raid Planner

There are multiple ways that you can to join an event that someone else has already scheduled:

  • The Raids Today box on the right hand side of every page on this web site.
  • The Future Raids box, also on the right hand side of every page.
  • The Raid Calendar. Click on Raid Calendar in the upper menu to see this page.

In either of these areas, you can click on the event name. A box with more information about the event will be shown on your screen.

If you do not wish to join, simply close the box by clicking on the X in the upper right corner.

If you wish to join, follow these steps:

  1. You will see two tabs just below the event description. The first is Attendants, which lists those that have already joined. The second tab is Signup, which allows you to join.
    • NOTE: Adding toon information to your profile lets the software know WHO is joining. So, if you have not added a toon into your user profile, you will not see the Signup tab. For more information about doing this, see Associating Toons to Your User Profile.
  2. Click on the Signup tab, and fill out the requested information.
    • Attendance (Required)
      • If you can make the event, and plan on joining, choose Attending.
      • If you can make the event, but know you will log in after the event starts, choose Late.
      • Do NOT choose Not Attending during the signup. If you can't make it, do not fill out the form.  If you join, then later find out you can not make the event, you can update your status to Not Attending at that time.
    • Role (Required)
      • Choose the role you wish to be within the event.  Common roles are Healer, Tank, and Support, though we do have more options. These role options may be modified over time to better describe the roles that we use within a fellowship.
    • Character (Required)
      • If you have more than one toon, each can be added to your user profile. Choose which toon will take part in the event.
    • Comment (Optional)
      • An optional comment to the event planner. Remember EVERYONE can see this comment. Follow the same rules here as you would in the forum.
  3. Click Save. You will be added as an attendant, with no confirmation. The event planner will need to confirm status of each attendant who joins.

Creating a Raid Planner Event

Written by Talitha. Posted in Raid Planner

In order to create a new Raid Planner event in the schedule:

  1. Click on Raid Calendar in the top menu.
  2. Click on the New Event button
  3. Choose an existing template from the template drop-down for your event, if one exists.
  4. If no template exists for your planned event, type in the name of your event. This should match the name of the instance/raid/skirm/etc, or state the purpose of your event.
  5. Enter a description of your event, if desired.
  6. Choose a start time and date.
  7. Enter the expected duration, if any. This field is not required, and can be left at 0 if the expected duration is unknown.
  8. Choose an invite time and date.
  9. Enter a level range if any specific levels are needed for your event. This is not required for assistance with deeds, for example, but is recommended for any quests, instances, etc.
  10. Required rank can be left blank.
  11. Set the Guild setting to be Hunters of Moonshadow. No other guilds are configured.
  12. It is recommended to set the Invited Group setting at Kin Member. This allows all kin members to join.
  13. Once the event is created, you will need to confirm any attendees who wish to join. See Confirming Event Attendees for more information.