The Devil Made Me Do It

Written by Imp. Posted in About the Kin

The horns sounded throughout the land, heroes great and small were called to arms.  The Commander looked down from the walls at the gathering below and let out a sigh, 'What am I supposed to do with this mess of recruits?' 

Captains, Burglars, Champions, Guardians, Hunters, Lore Masters, Minstrels, Runekeepers, and Wardens gathered below; all eager but all individuals lost in a lost world.  Elves and Men formed cadres of in line.  Dwarves scurried in the tall grass, mugs of beer in hand, chasing goats.  Hobbits with food in hand ran throughout it all, causing laughter to ripple among all.  Some dream of glory, some of wealth, and some, well just plain fun.  They ranged from skilled to ... well, lets just say dangerous to anyone near them, friend or foe.  Some were thoughtful, some were mischievous, some stood like stift drill masters, and others sat fishing. 

She looked around sighing at the thought of leading this menagarie of characters to war.  What deeds could they accomplish?  What trouble would they find?  What goals could be set?  This war party looked more like a parade of misfits looking for a way to escape their daily drugery than a team of crack fighting forces. 

They turned their faces upward to view their leader on the wall looking for orders to start this war.  They knew their foe was evil and that must be fought. It is the same in any world, but in this one they could use their weapons for the safety of all (Well, those that knew which end of the sword to hold, at least). 

She called out for all to hear; 'Mad, grab the banner, Rimo your lute! We will march to the foe and drive him from this land!'  Aside, she said 'This is more of a family reunion than a fighting force, but it  is our family and we will not let orcs rule this land.'

More orders rang out. 'G to the rear and try to keep them moving, don't bash them.  Q scout on ahead, please don't steal everything before we get wherever we are going.  Taffy and Tar gather your potions.  Tali collect your arrows.  Mela ... Nevermind, Mela, just stay out of trouble.  And someone PLEASE make sure the dang dwarves don't tire out the goats.'

So with that they set out on their great adventure.  Time will only tell what tales will be sung around future camp fires.  One thing is certain though; whether it is with fire, sword, arrow, song, or frying pan, the orcs will be fought.


Welcome to the Hunters of Moonshadow!

Written by Talitha. Posted in About the Kin

Welcome to the new site for Hunters of Moonshadow. There is very little content yet, but we are working on it as quickly as possible.

If you previously had a login to the message forums, you can use the same name and password here.